Complete Your High School Diploma

Complete Your High School Diploma

We believe in our students therefore, we offer qualified consultants, certified teachers and teacher’s assistants to provide one on one tutoring and class sessions so you can complete your high school diploma with our GED alternative program.  Our students work at their own pace and are tutored individually, as it enables us to produce students with strong work ethics, ambition and motivation towards a successful future.

Complete Your High School Diploma.

Complete Your High School Diploma

While a Dallas GED program may be effective and right for many students, a high school diploma program can be a better alternative for a vast majority of students. We offer a high school diploma program that delivers classroom instruction actually delivered in a classroom. We do have online classes available as well for qualified students. Learn about the differences between a high school diploma program and a Dallas GED program.

Carrasco Educational Services is an accredited private/home school and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, established in 2005. We have over 8000 graduates! We offer a wide array of classes in subjects such as:

  • Math
  • English
  • Good Citizenship
  • Science

We also offer tutoring when needed and have on staff, certified teachers and teacher assistants. If you would like to complete your high school diploma and want a Dallas GED alternative, call us for a personalized program and tuition plan today.Achieve your dream with a high school diploma.

Topic: Complete Your High School Diploma


  1. Leslie says:

    This is a great program. It offers easy to follow curriculum that was just the right pace for me and gave me the opportunity to finish my high school degree and get that diploma!

  2. Leslie Carey says:

    Is the online completetion of a high school diploma the same cost as enrollment at the academy?
    I have twin girls age 17yrs. that are interested in completeing their senior yr. thru NBCA however, cost is a concern due to our income.

    Thank you for your response.
    Leslie Carey

  3. NbcaAdmin says:

    Please call us for pricing and program information 1-866-661-GRAD.

  4. Peculiar says:

    Back in school, I’m doing so much learnnig.

  5. Armando martinez says:

    Will the military accept this diploma like air force or army

  6. NbcaAdmin says:

    It’s best if you contact a recruiter first. Some will work with our home school students and some will not.

  7. S. Artis says:

    Are there certain times to attend class?

  8. NbcaAdmin says:

    Yes, we have flexible schedules to fit peoples busy lifestyles. Call the campus near you for an updated schedule and start working on your GED.

  9. Harley says:

    how much is tuition to go to the academy?

  10. NbcaAdmin says:

    Tuition depends on the program you qualify for. Please visit one of our 3 locations to better assist you.