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GED vs High School Diploma

There is a common misconception that receiving a High School Diploma is equivalent to passing your GED test. However, that is not the case. The requirements for receiving a High School Diploma and a GED credential are different; the results can differ as well.

What is a GED?

The GED test is designed for adults over the age of 16, who haven’t received their high school diploma, and are currently not enrolled in a school. The GED test is structured into five subject categories.

  • Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Language arts, reading
  • Language arts, writing

In addition to short-form answers, there is also a writing section that involves an essay. Those who are considering taking the GED test need time to study. The GED test eliminates the time commitment that is required in receiving your high school diploma. However, the test is not easy. The GED test is graded on an equivalency scale compared to high school students. In order to pass the test, the test takers must score on a level comparable to 60% of current high school seniors.

What is a High School Diploma equivalent?

Statics show that individuals with a high school diploma have greater success in life, 65% of high school graduates go into college; while only 15% of GED recipients enter college. Many Colleges chose high school graduates over their GED counter-parts, because they have proven themselves to stay in school and to do whatever is necessary to complete their degrees.

A high school diploma and the GED test can open doors for you that have been closed since you left high school. The high school diploma is a much better solution for someone who wishes to strive in education. Both will enable you to get jobs that you couldn’t have before, but with a high school diploma, you will have a broader path into education.

Topic: GED vs High School Diploma

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