GED Program Alternative – High School Diploma Program

Tuition includes all books, materials, testing, retesting, final exam and three documents which include High School Diploma, Offical Transcripts and a Copy of the Transcript.

Tuition is based on age group. For more information call us.


  1. Is this the Urbis building in Manchester?

  2. I am so glad I completed my high school diploma. It helped me get a better job and now I am looking at going to college. It really is true that you have to get that degree. It let’s you get your foot in the door.

  3. What a beatiful theme ! :)

  4. test reply!

  5. Thank you Inna! I will look into that, and probably find a way to apply after I’m done with the onmcoing MCITP studies!Are you planning on staying in Canada? Because my plan was to move elsewhere after my studies, either the US or Canada.

Dallas Campus
10333 Denton Dr. Suite 2
Dallas, TX 75220

Ft. Worth Campus
3401 Altamesa Blvd., Suite 156
Fort Worth, TX 76133
(817) 263-1900
Arlington Campus
1300A W. Arkansas Ln.
Arlington, TX 76013