Online high school diplomas can help open up new doors to people who previously didn’t have a lot of options. There are many reasons why someone may not be able to obtain a diploma by attending a traditional high school. However, with the growing popularity of online high schools, these people now have another way to further their education.

By taking online high school classes, you can fill the gaps of your education and ultimately achieve your high school diploma. Many colleges and employers view these diplomas just as they would any diploma earned through a traditional high school, provided that the online school you get your diploma from is an accredited school.

If your diploma is from an accredited school you have a greater likelihood that the military will allow you to enlist. However, the military tends to accept a limited number of people that have obtained their diploma through non-traditional means.

Military Views of Online High Schools

Historically, the military has shown to be inconsistent on which schooling style they require from their recruits. They generally will not accept students from a non-accredited school or a school that has not been publicly approved by the Department of Education.

To take it one step further, virtual schools typically were considered to be less acceptable. However, in 2012 the President signed on the National Defense Authorization Act. This turned virtual schools from their “less acceptable” standing to a higher rating. This allows the military to increase recruiting of students who have received an alternative education such as those acquired through online high school.

Despite these changes, it can still be difficult for the military to accept a recruit who attended a private or non-public online high school. Your recruiter will have more information on their requirements. If you are planning on enlisting in the military, speak with your recruiter before selecting a high school.

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