What is Home Schooling?

Home schooling has become more and more common in the US and the state of Texas. While Texas does have a compulsory school attendance law, besides attendance in Texas, the regulations are relaxed and make it easy for parents to choose to home school their children. New Beginnings Christian Academy offers a broad variety of home schooling options. Whether you seek a brick and mortar location or from the comfort of your own home, we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. There are many resources for homeschooling including full online homeschool curriculum, but it can sometimes be difficult to know for certain if you have found the “right one”.

What are the requirements for home schooling?

In Texas, the requirements are simple: withdraw your child from school (if they are already attending) and choose a curriculum that includes grammar, spelling, reading, math, and good citizenship. There are no requirements for testing or attendance reporting. The state has no regulation at all on home schooling students. It is completely private and out of the jurisdiction of public schools. While this gives you free reign of your child’s education, it may be difficult and overwhelming for parents to know if they are teaching their child what they need to know. Proven, online programs can simplify that daunting task. New Beginnings Christian Academy provides curriculums that exceed all of the requirements of the state of Texas and we also provide options for learning with others and online.

How can home schooling benefit me?

There are many benefits to home schooling such as being completely in control of your child’s education and their learning environment. Many parents feel it is safer to keep their children home. Others feel they can provide a better, one-on-one education that better fits their child’s individual interests and needs. Not all children are the same or learn the same and it is difficult for teachers in a public-school setting to provide individualized education to all of their students at an effective level.

By choosing to home school, you are able to spend more time with your child and build and grow your relationship and provide special attention to the subject matter that is more challenging. You are able to go at the pace of your child and help him or her to not feel rushed or overwhelmed with trying to keep up with a class. Or maybe your child is more advanced than his/her class and is not feeling challenged enough! With home schooling you are able to introduce more challenging subject matter to ensure your child feels sufficiently challenged and lessen the risk of boredom and misbehavior.

Other advantages to home schooling include being able to have a more flexible schedule which can allow for more family time or extra-curricular activities such as volunteering or even a part-time job for your student! You are able to nurture your child and work one-on-one to meet their needs. You can set goals and plans for meeting those goals with your child in mind.

How Do I Choose an Online Home School Curriculum?

While all of these benefits make it seem like a simple decision to home school, most parents find the most daunting task to be choosing the curriculum. At NBCA we are able to assist with that task and let you enjoy the fun parts of home schooling. Our curriculums exceed state requirements. You can also be sure your child receives a quality education you can be proud of. Your child will receive a fully recognized and accredited diploma to validate their education upon graduation.

New Beginnings Christian Academy believes that all children and families have the right to receive quality education. It’s our goal to provide families with that, regardless of your schedules or lifestyle. With our online homeschool curriculum, you can take your schedule and life into your own hands. You’re not bound to a pre-set, regulated school system and schedule that can interrupt your family life. Homeschooling also provides that personal touch that your child deserves.

New Beginnings Christian Academy staff is here to answer your questions about home schooling and to guide you on your way to success. We will support you and encourage you every step of the way on your new adventure! Contact us today to learn more about our online homeschool curriculum. You’ll also find out more about how we can provide your family with a stress-free learning environment.

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Public school is not for everyone. Not all children learn the same way. Home schooling is a wonderful way to ensure your child’s education is well-rounded and tailored to fit their needs. You are able to influence your child and keep negative influences at bay while enjoying quality time as a family.

If you decide that home schooling is right for you, contact New Beginnings Christian Academy today at 817-263-1900. You can also click here to send us a message and learn about how to enroll in our online curriculums.