There are many reasons that a student is unable to complete their high school education and are then reliant on GED programs in Dallas. Regardless of the reason it is important that you are aware of the various programs out there. The New Beginnings Christian Academy is at the forefront of offering options to students so that they can reach their full educational potential and secure employment that pays a living wage.

We offer an alternative program that will allow you to get your high school diploma, but we also offer GED programs in Dallas. If you aren’t sure which is right for you, call us at (817) 263-1900 and set up a meeting with one of our counselors. For now, here is some information about GED programs in Dallas.

What is a GED?

The acronym GED stands for General Equivalency Development or General Education Diploma. When you pass the test for a GED it indicates that you possess the educational level of someone who attended high school for four years and graduated with a diploma. A GED should not be viewed as an alternative to attending high school, but is a way for students unable to complete high school, to show that they have the knowledge of a high school graduate and can compete on an equal level.

What Do GED Programs in Dallas Offer?

A GED program in Dallas offers you the opportunity to review, or learn for the first time, the subject matter that you missed when you dropped out of school. GED programs in Dallas offer classes in the five subjects that are covered by the GED test and which are required knowledge by the Texas Education Agency. These subjects are reading, writing, social studies, mathematics and science. A GED program in Dallas will help you to master these courses of study so that you will be successful when you take the exam.

You can study these subjects on your own, but you run the risk of not passing the exam the first time. When you attend a GED program in Dallas you will have instructors to help you with the material. This not only helps you remember it better, but it also ensures that you learn the material correctly. You will have the ability to practice taking the test and then working only on your weaknesses. By passing these practice tests you can then concentrate only on the topics you need to work on. Successfully passing the practice tests indicates mastery of the subject.

What Are the Benefits of a GED?

These days, many employers are giving hiring preference to those with a high school diploma or its equivalent, the GED. Some employers will only hire you if you have one or the other. This leaves those that couldn’t obtain a high school diploma at a disadvantage when trying to get into the workforce. You may be relegated to only low-paying jobs due to your lack of education.

Obtaining a GED can give you the leg up that you need. When asked on an application if you have a high school diploma or equivalent you can check “yes.” You are now on an equal footing with those who graduated.

If you thought of going to college your GED will get you there. A college education will open the career fields that are available to you. Business environments are changing and are relying more and more on sophisticated processes, systems and equipment that will require a college education. Unfortunately, you can’t qualify for college unless you have a high school education. This is where a GED program in Dallas comes in. The program’s staff works with you to ensure you get the education you need to succeed in your college career and your life.

Perhaps college isn’t for you. If that’s the case, then you may consider a trade school. There are a lot of trades to choose from and you can probably find more than one that is right for you.  You may be wondering why you should worry about a high school diploma when you are going to a trade school.

The reason is that a lot of trade schools require that you have a high school diploma in order to get in. Even the trades are becoming more complex with advanced technology and increasingly make use of computers and tablets. If you have mastered the subject matter taught in high school you will have the knowledge base you need to be trained in the new technology taught at the trade school. A GED can get you into trade school and this will give you the opportunity to get not only a good paying job but also a career.

For further information about our GED or GED Dallas Alternative programs, call (817) 263-1900.