If you have a student in your family, it‘s necessary for you to find a workable curriculum for him/her. There are different resources by which you can get the best homeschool curriculum. Before getting the best homeschool curriculum, you have to know each student learning style. You also have to understand the different types of homeschool curriculum packages available. At New Beginnings Christian Academy, we can help you get the best homeschool curriculum packages. Call us at (817) 263-1900.

Types of Homeschool Curriculum Packages You Can Choose For Your Students

Before you can get your student any homeschool curriculum packages, know there are hundreds of curriculum providers in the market. One of such is New Beginnings Christian Academy. Homeschool parents can freely select the curriculum which suits their students. By so doing, they will be satisfying the requirements of the relevant authorities. Since homeschools are privately owned, the curriculum you choose does not have to be approved by the state. Here at New Beginnings Christian Academy, we have a catalog of homeschool curriculum packages which will work for your family. Just call us today at (817) 263-1900.

Below are the different types of homeschool curriculum packages available for your selection.

Technological & Innovation

  • Studying approach based on the computer or the internet
  • Very useful for visual learners

Curriculum on Technology for Parents Research Purposes

  • Outlined the necessary time for learning
  • Texas University of Tech ISD
  • Monarch online—compatible with Grades 3-12
  • Memoria Press
  • Switched on schoolhouse—suitable for Grades 3-12

Traditional Homeschool Curriculum Packages

  • Study approach is based on textbook or workbook
  • It is also an excellent choice for auditory and visuals learners

The Traditional Research Curriculum For Parents Includes:

  • Accelerated Christian
  • BJU Press
  • Free easy peasy all-in-one homeschool
  • The Robinson curriculum
  • LifePAC—Alpha Omega
  • Calvert


  • Extensive learning which runs parallel with the cognitive development of the child
  • Highly suitable for multi-sensory learners

Classical Research Curriculum For Parents Includes:

  • Well trained mind
  • Veritas press
  • My father’s world
  • Memoria Press

Unit of Study

  • A thematic and topical learning approach which covers various subjects
  • Perfect for multi-children of varying ages and also for multi-sensory learners

Here Are the Study Curriculum Parents Can Research For The Unit Study:

  • Greenleaf press
  • Amanda Bennett topic on Unit Study
  • Weaver
  • Sunlight


The section is designed to deal with:

  • Non-faith related teachings
  • Can be bought using State Fund

For the Purpose of Parents’ Research, Here Is the Secular Curriculum:

  • Time4Learning
  • Oak Meadow
  • BookShark


This curriculum model of learning uses DVDs and is perfect for visual learners.

For Parent Research, The DVD Curriculum Is Designated To Be:

  • BJU Press DVD

If you want to get more tips and information about our homeschool curriculum packages then call New Beginnings Christian Academy at (817) 263-1900.

What Are The State Requirements For Homeschool Curriculum Packages?

It is good to know the state law requirements concerning homeschool curriculum packages where you reside. The laws and requirements can vary widely from state to state.  In Texas, for instance, there are three state law requirements for homeschool to be legally operated. These are:

  • The said curriculum must be presented in a visual form like in video monitor, workbooks, or books
  • The instructions contained in the curriculum must be straight and bona fide. It must not be a sham
  • The curriculum must consist of the five main subjects, which includes mathematics, grammar, reading, spelling, as well as good citizenship.

How New Beginnings Christian Academy Care for Special Needs With Homeschool Curriculum Packages

Here at New Beginnings Christian Academy, we are dedicated to special needs homeschooling. We have a section which is fully designed and committed to handling Special Needs Homeschooling. If you want to have a consultation with us regarding the curricula, call us at (817) 263-1900. You will also get to know the different learning styles, as well as the various organizations which support special needs pupils. You can rely on the additional resources to provide tips aimed at helping your loved one with special needs. Our homeschooling curriculum packages allow you to determine what is best for your specific situation.

How Do I Go About Choosing Between Homeschool Curriculum Packages?

When it comes to choosing a curriculum for your child, there are things you should consider. These mean knowing:

Your Child’s Style of Learning

What learning style do you think will be comfortable for your child? A child which learns using auditory approach will rely solely on verbal communication. This means listening to storytelling, audiotapes, DVD, etc.

If the child is a visual learner, then he or she would learn new information best by seeing workbooks, textbooks, and DVDs.

Lastly, if the child is one who will have to learn through kinesthetic means, then hands-on learning would be the best way.

At New Beginnings Christian Academy, we have the best learning approaches to meet your child’s educational needs. We also understand the unique challenges each child faces. Our staff is dedicated to helping you find the program which works best for your child as well as your family.

Where Can I Get Materials For Homeschool Curriculum Packages?

Don’t spend a ton of money looking for materials for your homeschool curriculum packages. Just place a call through to us at (817) 263-1900, and we will give you perfect recommendations. We also have all the necessary materials with us, and we will gladly provide them, if needed.

However, if you insist on looking elsewhere, you may want to try an online search, visiting bookstores, or go over to homeschool book fair.

If you want the best in homeschool curriculum packages then we are here to help you. Call New Beginnings Christian Academy today at (817) 263-1900. You will be glad you did because New Beginnings Christian Academy offers the best in homeschool curriculum packages.