In this fast paced world of today, many parents are making the choice to educate their children at home. Homeschooling has rapidly grown in popularity over recent years. It allows the parents to assume the responsibility of their child’s education in the home. This is often using a variety of platforms such as a parent-teacher, tutor, or even an online platform. Most homeschooled children begin their journey early on using a homeschool curriculum preschool students and parents love. However, finding a great curriculum can quickly become overwhelming with so many available choices.

Why are Parents Homeschooling?

There are a number of reasons parents are choosing to turn to homeschooling. It provides more one-on-one interaction with their child or children. This, in turn, tends to create a stronger relationship between parent and child as they learn how to work together. Homeschooling also allows for more flexible schedules, both on a daily level and a long term learning arc. Parents are able to individualize the education to the needs of their family and each individual child while working within their family routine.

Some parents with a background in education design their own homeschool curriculum. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for others to become overwhelmed with the idea of finding a homeschool curriculum preschool aged kids will love. Here at New Beginnings Christian Academy we offer a fantastic homeschool curriculum preschool students and parents enjoy. We also provide our homeschooling families with all of the knowledge an tools they’ll need to succeed on their homeschool journey.

Homeschool Curriculum Preschool Aged Children and Parents Love!

A curriculum is simply the term which describes your child’s education plan. It includes the subjects which are covered and acts as a guideline throughout the year. Many states have requirements for homeschool curriculums and these requirements often vary from state to state. However, most states require some combination of math, English, reading comprehension, history, science, social studies, physical education, health, and other topics.

Here in Texas homeschooling families must follow minimal regulations and requirements. This allows parents the freedom to focus on the areas which interest their children the most. In Texas, homeschools fall under private schools. This means that the state does not have jurisdiction over what is taught in the home. However, it is required that homeschooling uses a real and tangible curriculum to show how you plan to educate your child across the different subjects.

This written document needs to include the use of teaching aids such as books, workbooks, or an online platform. It must also include the following five subjects: spelling, grammar, reading, mathematics, and good citizenship. Of course you aren’t limited to only these subjects. You can add additional subjects that you wish your child to learn or that they have interest in. The state of Texas is not authorized to approve or reject your curriculum as long as these topics are taught.

The New Beginnings Way

New Beginnings Christian Academy goes above and beyond the minimum requirements when it comes to your child’s education. We provide you with a superior homeschool curriculum preschool students and parents enjoy. As your child advances, so does our curriculum. In addition to providing you with a great curriculum that you and your student will love, we also provide all the support you’ll need to begin your journey. We are firm believers that all familes should have access to affordable, high-quality education. We help bridge the gap that prevents many families from making the change to homeschooling. Our staff is here to help you through the transition and ensure that you and your child or children have a successful experience.

New Beginnings Christian Academy Programs

We offer programs starting at the preschool level and advancing through high-school. We even have an adult high-school diploma program to allow you the opportunity to earn your high school diploma. Our homeschool curriculum preschool aged kids want and need covers each of the required subjects in Texas. After finishing the curriculum, your child will be ready to continue on to kindergarten with confidence.

Before deciding on a curriculum it’s important to understand if homeschooling is right for your family. There are many positive aspects to homeschooling but it can also be quite time consuming. Thankfully, homeschooling works within your flexible schedule while giving you more time with your child. You can even customize the curriculum to fit their unique learning style.

Homeschooling isn’t without its challenges. In addition to sometimes being time consuming for the parent, you have the added challenge of remaining calm as you teach your child new things. It also takes away from a parent’s professional and social life, often making it difficult to maintain quality relationships outside of the home. Depending on what subjects you’re teaching your child, you may also incur the added expense of books and other tools used for teaching your curriculum. In the end, only you and your family can decide what’s right for you.

What’s My Next Step?

New Beginnings Christian Academy provides a free consultation to any family considering homeschooling. We can provide one-on-one advice to help you make the best possible decision for you and your children. Even the littlest students deserve a high-quality education and we want to help make that possible.

Call New Beginnings Christian Academy today at (817) 263-1900 for more information about a great homeschool curriculum preschool students and parents love!